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Loupes and Case Bundle


Image of Loupes and Case Bundle

Bundle of Loupes and Case included:

Loupes specs:
Magnification: 3.5X/2.5X
Working distance: 420mm
Depth of field: 80mm
Field of view: 60mm
High-Resolution optical lens
Adjustable viewing angle
Adjustable Eyes Interpapillary distance
Color: Silver

Standard accessories:
Magnifying glass: 1 set
Mobile charge: 1 set
Charge: 1 set
Light: 1 set
Mountable adjustable rechargeable
Delivering homogeneous white light patch of up to 107,000 lux
Light Head weight 0.81 oz (23g)
LED operating life 50,000 hours
Lithium Polymer Battery, run time: Level II (5-6 hours)
Charge time 3-4 hours for full time charge, LED light can be used while charging.

Case specs:
New Padded Zipper Cloth Bag Box Carry Case for Dental Magnification Loupes Head Light Set